Master of Food Technology FTP Unud Gives Students the Opportunity to Visit Industry

Master of Food Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University conducted a scientific visit on Friday, 27th May 2022. This activity was attended by Master of Food Technology students who were accompanied by the Coordinator of the Master of Food Technology Study Program, Dr. Ir. I Wayan Widia, M. SIE.


This activity invites students for scientific visits to industries/factories/companies such as the Indonesian Longline Tuna Association which was received directly by Mr. I Nyoman Sudarta, API, MM., as the Management Board, besides that students also visited PT. Hatten Wines received by Mrs. Chandra Dewi, and to the Secret Garden of Bedugul to visit the Herborist factory.


This scientific visit aims to provide opportunities for students to visit the industry and factory visits so that students know the production process and layout of a factory. In addition, students can also perform an analysis related to the production process and factory layout compared to the theory obtained in class.


Coordinator of the Master's Program in Food Technology, Mr. Dr. Ir. I Wayan Widia, M. SIE. said that this activity is expected to give students the experience to compare the theory gained in class with the practice of the production process which is carried out directly in the factory, besides that students can also have the opportunity to learn from the production process to product commercialization.